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Deluxe seat

No example of Deluxe seat for YAMAHA YZF R1  [2009-2010].

You can order a custom seat:

Design your seat

Designer style seat cover

Designer style seat cover HSD5642 - YAMAHA YZF R1  [2009-2010]

fabrication on demand
Average time: from 2 to 4 weeks

4 parts / Edgings / stitching

Height Standard

Gel : front seat and rear seat

Heating : none

€ 123

Petrol tank covers

Petrol tank cover TPR6004 - YAMAHA YZF R1  [2009-2010]

in stock

Blue COM052, Grey SEL013, White SEL025

€ 95
Petrol tank cover TPR5998 - YAMAHA YZF R1  [2009-2010]

in stock

Black COM046, Grey COM101

€ 95
Petrol tank cover TPR5996 - YAMAHA YZF R1  [2009-2010]

in stock

Blue COM052

€ 85
Petrol tank cover TPR5993 - YAMAHA YZF R1  [2009-2010]

in stock

Black COM046

€ 85
Petrol tank cover TPR5992 - YAMAHA YZF R1  [2009-2010]

in stock

Black COM046, White COM061

€ 95
Petrol tank cover TPR5999 - YAMAHA YZF R1  [2009-2010]

in stock

Red COM042, Black COM046

€ 95
Petrol tank cover TPR5997 - YAMAHA YZF R1  [2009-2010]

in stock

Grey COM070, White COM061

€ 95
Petrol tank cover TPR5995 - YAMAHA YZF R1  [2009-2010]

in stock

White COM061

€ 95
Petrol tank cover TPR5994 - YAMAHA YZF R1  [2009-2010]

in stock

Black COM046, Black SEL003

€ 95
Petrol tank cover TPR6005 - YAMAHA YZF R1  [2009-2010]

fabrication on demand
Average time: 15 days

White COM061, Red SEL036, Black SEL003

€ 95

Tank bags

Tank bag aventura

Tank bags catalunya

Tank bags jerez

Tank bag city

Tank bag le mans

Helmet bag