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Deluxe seat

No example of Deluxe seat for YAMAHA YZF 125 R .

You can order a custom seat:

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Petrol tank covers

Petrol tank cover TPR5671 - YAMAHA YZF 125 R

in stock

Blue COM052, White SEL025, Grey SEL011

€ 94
Petrol tank cover TPR5673 - YAMAHA YZF 125 R

in stock

Red COM050, Black COM046, White COM061

€ 94
Petrol tank cover TPR5666 - YAMAHA YZF 125 R

in stock

Yellow COM055, Black SEL003

€ 94
Petrol tank cover TPR5672 - YAMAHA YZF 125 R

in stock

Black COM046, White COM061

€ 94
Petrol tank cover TPR5670 - YAMAHA YZF 125 R

in stock

Blue COM052, White SEL025

€ 93
Petrol tank cover TPR5663 - YAMAHA YZF 125 R

in stock

White COM061

€ 94

Tank bags

Tank bag city

Helmet bag